Margaret Chamberlain Children’s Picture Book Illustrator

I DON'T LIKE GLORIA..My 5 year old son and I love to read this book together. The illustrations are charming, the expressions on the animals faces are just brilliant, especially Colin the dog.

'I DO NOT EAT THE COLOUR GREEN' is another beautiful book written by Lynne Rickards and illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain. A great book for any fussy eaters out there.

The rhyming text coupled with the lush, colourful food pictures make this a very pleasurable read.

PASS THE JAM JIM....My three year old daughter loved this book! The colours and illustrations had her hooked and she loved having it read to her. The words are easy to read and understand and when I got tired of repeating them for the millionth time, I found my six year old and three year old sat reading it together,

PLEASE DON'T TORMENT TOOTSIE...The charming, expressive illustrations... are both hilarious and sweet... -- Kirkus