Margaret Chamberlain Children’s Picture Book Illustrator

Children’s Illustrator Margaret Chamberlain produced her first children’s picture book illustrations while still at the Royal College of Art.

She has produced illustrations for many many more children’s books since then including; ‘The Man whose Mother was a Pirate’, still a bestseller after more than twenty years; and ‘The Tale of Georgie Grub’ now re-issued with completely new illustrations.

Being a children’s illustrator means that Margaret Chamberlain loves producing illustrations of children and animals, especially dogs, her favourites are little white ones with black patches. She has now illustrated lots of funny stories about dogs (as well illustrating quite a few about of cats!) In fact the she has recently written and illustrated a children’s picture book about two cats called Mimi and Moochie go Shopping as well writing and illustrating a children’s picture book all about being kind to animals called ‘Please don’t Torment Tootsie’.

Margaret Chamberlain illustrates a seagull’s squawk from the sea with her husband illustrator Ian Dicks in a large rambling house that was once an undertakers