Margaret Chamberlain Children’s Picture Book Illustrator

MAN WHOSE MOTHER WAS A PIRATE ...Well illustrated, marvellously told by Mahy, and just a delight.

GEORGIE GRUB...I bought this book for my son many years ago and it got mislaid. When I saw it has been reissued I had to buy it again even though my son is 19!!...The illustrations are great and the story is brilliant

MIMI AND MOOCHIE GO SHOPPING...This is a beautifully designed book in a retro style, it's lots of fun and you'll realise that although shopping is great, giving the stuff away gives you an even better thrill. The pictures are Fabulous.

THE NEWT IN A SUIT...This is a book full of energy not only the text but the illustrations too.

PINK!... I was originally attracted by the hilarious cover of this book, and both the story and illustrations are wonderful. It is one of those fun books to read and look at. I think it would be fun to share with most children, and they will learn a lesson from it also. Pink! is an excellent read.